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NCCU’s Metro Eagles help DMV students feel at home

October 25, 2021

In 1988, a group of N.C. Central University students from the Northeast United States created an organization called the Metro Eagles.

The organization draws students from the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia to hold social events within a familiar community.

They also provide community service opportunities for its members.

“You kind of click with the people from back home without knowing and then you be like ‘you from back home too?’ said Hanya Boler, Metro Eagles president, who is from Laurel, Md.

“That’s what always excites me about Metro Eagles.”

Students say membership gives them a sense of having a home away from home – a familiar culture.

“I love how the first time we all got together we felt like a family,” said member Makiya Hackney, who is from Iandover, Md.

Member Rebecca Smith, also from the district, says it’s nice having a place for DMV students to feel comfortable away from home.

“We’re really just like a helping hand or an open shoulder to cry on. That’s what we’re here for,” Boler said.

While the primary focus is on DMV students, membership and participation in their social events is open to all students.

“Spring Fling of 2019 we had a go-go band perform, and everyone from the DMV was going crazy,” said the organization’s business manager, Seylon Edmundson, who is from Fort Washington, Md.

“Other students were a little confused, but it was awesome to see our culture represented and appreciated in that large of a capacity,” Edmundson said.

Boler said she wants the next social event to focus on mental health.

“I want to start that because back at home we really don’t talk about it, especially in Black men,” Boler said.

The Metro Eagles also have an active alumni chapter, the Metro D.C. Alumni Chapter, that visits students now and again.

“I like how alumni from Metro Eagles come back and they help us get ready for life outside of college,” Boler said.

Metro Eagles post their interest meeting dates and activities on Instagram @Metroeagles_NCCU. You can also email the Metro Eagles @​​[email protected] for more information.

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