Central News & Eagle Eye Media

Welcome to the student production of students in NCCU’s Department of Mass Communication:

Central News and Eagle Eye Media.

All productions broadcast on Central News and Eagle Eye Media are researched, written, shot, recorded and edited by students in NCCU’s Department of Mass Communication.

Central News, a live broadcast, comes from the state-of-the-art broadcast studio of NCCU’s Department of Mass Communication. The television studio is managed by Felecia Casey-Hicks and the Central News faculty adviser is studio television assistant Chavis Carter. Programming is produced by students in the department’s courses, including Media Practicum, Video Broadcast Announcing and Advanced Video Production.

Eagle Eye Media is the product of students in Multimedia Reporting, an entry level mass communication course taught by Michael Pearce. With support from the Campus Echo, Eagle Eye productions include audio news and documentary stories, news and documentary video stories, and video/film scenes.


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