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  • Zlata Bogdanova
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About us

The Campus Echo is the official student newspaper of North Carolina Central University. NCCU, a historically-black college/university (HBCU), is one of the 16 constituent member schools of the University of North Carolina System. It has been targeted as a “growth institution” by UNC. NCCU, with its 8,250 students, is located in the heart of Durham just minutes from the Research Triangle Park, a booming technology and biotechnology center.

If you decide to advertise with us,  your ad will be seen in one of the nation’s very best black college student newspapers. The Campus Echo is one of the most highly recognized HBCU student newspapers in the nation.

In the last 15 years, the print and online editions have won over 250 national and regional awards from the Black College Communication Association (BCCA), the Society for Professional Journalists (SPJ), the Associated Collegiate Press and the North Carolina College Media Association.

These honors include the national Mark of Excellence Award for Best Online Student Newspaper and numerous general excellence awards from the BCCA and the SPJ. We are eager to serve your advertising needs and to enroll your support of our student newspaper.

Who you will reach with our online/mobility-enhanced web edition:

  • our readers are the 8,500 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in NCCU and the approximately 1,000 full-time faculty and staff of the institution, plus thousands of NCCU alumni
  • average age of NCCU full- and part-time students is 24 years
  • the majority of students are North Carolinians, but 37 states are represented in the student body
  • 83% of the students are African-American; 14% are white
  • 65% of the students are female

NCCU is renowned for educating African-American professionals and community leaders. The university has programs in biotechnology, education, criminal justice, nursing, health education, law and public administration.

Additionally, NCCU is home to the Institute for the Study of Minority Issues and the new Biomedical/Biotechnology Research Institute, a program partnered with the National Institutes of Health and companies like Glaxo Wellcome and Eli Lilly to address the health needs of minority groups.


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