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1801 Fayetteville Street
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: 919-530-7116 (voice mail enabled) or 919-530-7483 (not voice mail enabled)
Fax: 919-530-7991
E-mail: [email protected]
Faculty adviser: Dr. Bruce dePyssler

About the Campus Echo

The Campus Echo is the official student newspaper of North Carolina Central University. NCCU, a historically black university (HBCU), is one of the 16 constituent member schools of the University of North Carolina System. It has been targeted as a “growth institution” by UNC. NCCU, with its 8,250 students, is located in the heart of Durham just minutes from the Research Triangle Park, a booming technology and biotechnology center. Our print run is 4,000 distributed to over 30 campus locations on Wednesdays.

If you decide to advertise with the Campus Echo your ad will be seen in one of the nation’s very best black college student newspapers. The Campus Echo is one of the most highly recognized HBCU student newspaper in the nation. The print and online editions have won over 150 awards from the Black College Communication Association, the Society for Professional Journalists, and the Associated Collegiate Press. These honors include the national Mark of Excellence Award for Best Online Student Newspaper and numerous general excellence awards from the BCCA and the SPJ. We are eager to serve your advertising needs and to enroll your support of our student newspaper.


Our readers are the 8,500 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in NCCU and the approximately 1,000 full-time faculty and staff of the institution, plus tens of thousands of alumni with our online and mobile presence. We distribute to 30 campus locations. Average age of full- and part-time students is 24 years. The majority of students are North Carolinians, but 37 states are represented in the student body. Eighty-three percent of the students are African American; 14 percent are white. Sixty-five percent of the students are female. NCCU is renowned for educating African American professionals and community leaders. The university has programs in biotechnology, education, criminal justice, nursing, health education, law and public administration. Additionally, NCCU is home to the Institute for the Study of Minority Issues and the new Biomedical/Biotechnology Research Institute, a program partnered with the National Institutes of Health and companies like Glaxo Wellcome and Eli Lilly to address the health needs of minority groups.

2015/2016 “Best of the Semester Issue” Publication Schedule

Fall 2015:
Nov 11

Spring 2016:
April 6


PRINT CLASSIFIEDS: Our print edition does not have a classified section. We suggest small 3.75″ wide x 3″ tall display ad that costs only $24 per insertion (or $48 to run in both end-of-the-semester academic year publications).

ONLINE CLASSIFIEDS: Online box ads are submitted directly online only via our ULOOP service. Simply go to any page (excluding the home page) and click below the classifieds bar. Then go to “Post Classifieds” button on the top right. Create an account if you haven’t yet done so. Be sure to select the “Online Only” option. Payment is made by credit card only.

Online display advertising

Fixed rate for a 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels tall box in a refresh rotation with no more than three ads total: $50 per two weeks / $100 per month / $250 per semester / $475 for the academic year. Online ads do not bill in less than two week increments.

For a 300 pixels wide x 500 pixel tall box in a refresh rotation with no more than three ads total: $75 per two weeks / $135 per month / $325 per semester / $575 per academic year. Online ads do not bill in less than two week increments.

Discuss our special online ad arrangements for clients who place print ads in our “best of the semester” print editions. Call to discuss this with us.

All online ads must be 100Kb or less JPG and built to 300 pix wide by 250 pix tall. Be sure to include a “click thru” online address with your ad.

Agency discounts: 15% to the above rates + 5% for prepayment.  Accordingly, agency prepaid rates are as follows:

Send embed tags to [email protected].

Print edition rates

Local and national advertisers: $6 per column inch.
Bonafide NCCU organizations and non-profits: $4 per column inch.
AudioNet Connection (see below): Add $2 per column inch for 20 on-air mentions per ad insertion. AudioNet is NCCU’s closed circuit student-run radio station. Limit to 30 words.

All Campus Echo rates are NET. Any commission earned by an agency or placement service must be ADDED to our stated rate.

Print color rates: Each spot color = $50. Four color process = $200.


Advertisers who place ads in two fall or spring semester publications will receive a 15% discount.

Advertisers who place ads in all four academic year publications will receive a 25% discount.

Placement (print and online)

Desired placement is given when possible. A specific placement location is guaranteed in the print publication only with a 20% additional payment beyond the existing ad rate. Our front and back page is not available for advertising. Advertising in the online publication is on the right hand column of all pages, excluding the home page.

How to calculate your print ad cost

Let’s say you place one ad that takes 1/4 page with color. It will be 3 columns wide and 10 inches tall. The formula is 3 columns x 10 inches x one placement x $6 (our rate) = $180. Then apply discount if applicable: 4 issues x $180 x .75 (25% discount) = $540. Then add color charge of $50 per ad for spot or $100 per ad for process color.

Examples of print ad sizes and rates

1/12 page ad: 3 column (5″) x 3.5″ tall; calculation = 3 x 3.5 x $6 = $63
1/6 page ad vertical): 3 column (5″) x 7″ tall; calculation = 3 x 7 x $6 = $126
1/4 page ad: 3 columns (5″) x 10.25″ tall; calculation = 3 x 10.25 x $6 = $184.5
1/2 page ad (vertical): 3 columns (5″) x 21″ tall; calculation = 3 x 21 x $6 = $378
Full page ad: 6 columns (10″) x 21″ tall; calculation = 6 x 21 x $6 = $756 (less 15% size discount = $642)

Campus Echo/AudioNet Connection: Add $2 per column inch for 20 AudioNet on-air mentions. Rate Circulation:
1/4 page ad: 3 column (6 3/8″) x 10″ tall 3 x 10 x $8 = $240
1/2 page ad (horizontal): 6 column (13″) x 10″ tall 6 x 10″ x $8 = $480

Submission, format and design services

We prefer receiving ads digitally by e-mail in Adobe PDF format. Be sure that fonts are embedded. Insertion orders must be received 10 days before the publication date and creative material must be received seven days before the publication date.

Talk to us about our free advertisement design services for print ads. We prefer that clients have online ads designed by a creative team at their end. Online ad design by the Campus carries a fee of $50.

E-mail to [email protected]

Please call 919-530-7116 to confirm transmission.

Mechanicals / Ad sizes

The Campus Echo is a photo-offset broadsheet with a standard page size that has a printable area of 11.5″ wide X 21″ deep (6 columns X 21″). The Campus Echo is in a six column format. The Campus Echo can handle ads of any height up to 21″ but widths should hit one of these following dimensions:


1 column = 9p3 (1.5 inch)

2 column = 19p4 (3.25 inch)

3 column = 29p5 (5 inch)

4 column = 39p6 (6.5 inch)

5 column = 46p7 (8.25 inch)

6 column = 59p8 (10 inch)

Insertion/preprint rates

Single sheet (no folds), single advertiser = $75 per 1,000; Up to 4 pages = $100; 5 – 8 pages $125; 9 – 12 pages $150.

Insertion instructions: Our minimum insertion order is 2,000 and maximum insertion order is 4,000. You must contact the Campus Echo before shipping. Inserts must be scheduled 7 business days before the publication date and a copy must be submitted to the Campus Echo for approval. Do not ship until approval is granted if your insertion is in anyway controversial. Brick stack and wrap or band the entire shipment. Do not band individual bundles.

Insertion specifications: Minimum size = 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″; maximum size = 11″ x 14″; print stock minimum weight = 50 lb.; maximum thickness = 1/4″. Must be suitable for insertion into the paper: no accordion fold pieces or oddly shaped pieces without one straight edge.

Mail inserts to:
Triangle Web Printing
514 United Dr.
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: 919.544.7839


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