On Oct. 16, Jacquees responded to a series of "mean" tweets from NCCU students

Homecoming flap: Students clap back at Jacquees – Jacquees snaps back

November 2, 2021

After a missed Homecoming last year, N.C. Central University students are excited about its 2021 Homecoming, “The Return.”

But things haven’t gone off quite as hoped for. 

On Thursday, Oct. 14, the Student Activities Board held a 10:40 night event to announce the lineup of performers. The opening act was announced to be Memphis rapper Key Glock and R&B artist Jacquees to be the headliner.

And that’s when the excitement began.

The announcement came as a disappointment to many students and they soon took out their frustrations on Twitter. 

Some colorful examples included: “Nobody wants to hear you moan on the microphone and dance like the Jackson Five.”

“They gave a list to choose who we wanted and you weren’t on the list.” “It’s not that we’re mad we just didn’t expect you.”

After two days of backlash on Twitter, Jacquees tweeted his response to the digs: “I will not be at you guys homecoming,” he wrote alongside the NCCU Homecoming flyer.

And students quickly replied in kind: “We don’t give a … get back in the studio.” “We don’t GAF.” “We don’t need you here anyways lol.”

Much of the controversy comes from the fact that the Student Activities Board encouraged input from students on July 16 Twitter and Instagram announcements.

Some of the artists proposed for concert headliner included: Moneybagg Yo, Roddy Rich and Young Thug.

Jacquees was not an options for opening act, the concert headliner or the supporting act.

One student Korie J. Mercer reacted strongly to the SAB’s headliner selection.

“When I heard who we were getting, I thought that Central did this purposefully … so everybody wouldn’t come to the concert,” Mercer said. 

And now what?

By standard practices Jacquees would already be under contract. And on October 28 the SAB emailed a Homecoming update that shows Jacquees still on the flyer. And again, on Nov. 1 they emailed a livestream link that also shows Jacquees on the flyer.

On Tuesday the Campus Echo asked fSAB president Alexis Harp for a confirmation whether or not Jacquees would perform. As of Tuesday afternoon, Harp has not confirmed.

But some students say they’re reluctant to buy concert tickets given the all the doubt that’s surrounding Homecoming. 

Yet SGA president Derrick Stanfield remains upbeat. “I am excited for ‘The Return,’” said Stanfield.

“I am excited about Homecoming and being able to be surrounded by students and attendees after a COVID riddled year. What I do ask of students is to be safe and act responsibly. I see why people are upset about Homecoming, but as president my duty is to keep this school safe and the people that come on this campus.”

Student Government vice president Raven Gaddist also remains upbeat. “When it comes to Homecoming, I admit it’s not exactly what everyone expected … I am just grateful NCCU is letting us have a Homecoming at all.”

Homecoming is now underway and runs through Nov. 6. The concert headliner is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 4 at McDougald-McLendon Arena at 8 p.m.

Story by Alex Ducoste

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On Oct. 16, Jacquees responded to a series of "mean" tweets from NCCU students
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On Oct. 16, Jacquees responded to a series of "mean" tweets from NCCU students
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