NCCU students gain insight on an normal day for a Producer. Photo by De'Zaria Lucas.

Students enter the “Age of Content Creation”

April 17, 2024

N.C. Central University had the honor to host several people from the ABC11 news station. College and high school students were in attendance to learn about “The Age of Content Creation.”

There were refreshments for the attendees and a panel that featured: Meteorologist Robert Johnson, Meteorologist Kweilyn Murphy, Sports Anchor Travon Miles, Multimedia Journalist Ana Rivera, Anchor Amber Rupinta and Assistant News Director Ross Weidner.

Each panelist was introduced by Joel Brown, a news reporter who also identifies as a storyteller. He said that working in the journalism field is a learning experience.

“The goal is by the end of today’s event whether you’re a communications major, a marketing major or even a meteorologist major that you can glean this morning that can help you on your path as the next generation of storytellers,” Brown said.

The Chair of the Minority Advisory Committee (MAC), Frankie Perry, welcomed the audience with a speech.

“I would like to start by thanking a few people,” Perry said. “The president of the minority advisory committee Rob Elenor, the executive team, Monica Barnes and finally I want to thank the audience.”

The event featured breakout sessions around the building where aspiring storytellers could go inside and learn different ways to develop their craft.

“I learned that just showing up and talking to people you wouldn’t normally talk to, can open doors for you that you didn’t even think was there,” Iysis Carelock, a mass communication freshman said.

Rivera acknowledged that in the industry, “diversity at a table is important.”

“To be a good storyteller is to be able to tell stories in anything,” Rivera said. “The ability to tell stories that are important to you. Remember that you matter to people and it’s all about connection and action.”

Carelock also said she was inspired by the panelists’ discussion on how representation matters.

“[It’s empowering] to hear from Black women to get comfortable in your skin and your place because you have to represent for the girls like us who think they can’t,” Carelock said.

Weidner told students that a storyteller’s best trait is their creativity.

“Authenticity is what makes a good story. A good storyteller is a person who has cool ways of storytelling,” Weidner said.

“The best reporters are mindful in ways others aren’t, they take an approach no other person would think to look at.”

Carelock said that she enjoyed learning each of the panelist’s stories.

“My favorite part was hearing the panelist tell us about their upbringings and how they came about to where they are now in life.”

At the end of the event, Carelock had some advice for the students who were unable to attend.

“Take full advantage of these opportunities and introduce yourself! A simple conversation and introduction can put you in rooms that you have been waiting for.”


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NCCU students gain insight on an normal day for a Producer. Photo by De'Zaria Lucas.
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NCCU students gain insight on an normal day for a Producer. Photo by De'Zaria Lucas.
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