Budding entrepreneur Tyler Fisher at an NCCU August pop up vending his Stay Fast clothing line. Photo by Marcellous Harris

NCCU student Tyler Fisher’s a man with a plan


Tyler Fisher is “The Man with the Plan” as some of his N.C. Central University peers and family would say. Fisher is a rising entrepreneur and public relations senior from Charlotte. He’s got plans to do great things in life. “For my last semester here, I plan on networking as much as I can to build some key relationships before it’s all over,” said Fisher.

Fisher enrolled at NCCU in August of 2018 with a plan of action. And this starting with the first book he wrote and published during his sophomore year here at NCCU. It was named “Cardiac Cardinals.” The book explained his lifestyle and how he found his identity within all the madness. It details his struggles as a child all the way up to high school sports where things took a turn for Tyler for the better.

In his junior year Fisher became a member of the NCCU Collegiate 100, where he worked as creative director to provide different marketing opportunities for students. In October 2020 Fisher then released his second book, “Fried Chicken and Yams.” The children’s book tells an uplifting story for youth to always see the positive in whatever tough situation they find themselves in.

“Growing up I dealt with my issues which molded me to be more grateful for what I did have and to always try to see the beauty in every situation good or bad,” said Fisher. “Of course, there were some hiccups along the way, but I just stayed the course.”

“I always knew Tyler would do great things since a kid he was never really worried about what the crowd did,” said his mother Carlisha. “He always had a charisma about himself and set himself apart from others just with his energy.”

With Fisher’s mind on bigger things, he came up with an idea that could set him apart from the crowd before his senior year came around. He started to market his new brand during the second semester of his junior year. In February, 2021 he released his third book, “Stay Fast.”

It’s meant to “help you achieve your goals through ambitious affirmations,” he said.

And now Fisher has dropped a clothing brand – “Stay Fast — building off the book’s name. His inventory, promoted on a website and Instagram, includes shirts, hoodies, car fresheners, and more.

And he’s satisfying one customer after another. “I love my Stay Fast hoodie a lot of my friends and people have asked me where I got it from and I just send them to Tyler’s Website,” said Maddie McKinney.”

Fisher has marketed his line on campus at The Black Wall Street Gala and other pop-up shops.

As his college years are about to come to an end Fisher is in complete grind mode. “I’m just ready to expand and see what the world has to offer, I know it is possible if I stay consistent,” said Fisher.

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