NCCU band director publishes debut novel “Diary of a Mad Band Director”

November 11, 2019

In “Diary of a Mad Band Director” N.C. Central University Sound Machine Band Director Thurman D. Hollins recounts his career as a music educator.

The book, which published by Xlibris, took four years to complete.  In the book, Hollins talks about the childhood and adult life experiences that shaped his career. The book almost serves as a manual for other band directors about what to know and what not to do, not just in regards to being a band director, but in life more generally.

“Band is much more than music and teaches you many essential life skills and this book is the key for those in music education,” said Hollins.

Director Hollins inspiration from the book first came when one of his contracts wasn’t renewed and it put him in a place where he had to think about how he was going to take care of his family. He was never given any specific procedures on what to do and what not to do as a band director, so he wrote his own guide.

This developed into something Hollins and other band directors who are new to the world of music education can use if they have no starting point or get lost. Once he realized that the book seemed a little boring to read, he included some of his past experiences that would make it more interesting. “Diary of A Mad Band Director” won’t be the only book you’ll see from Hollins.

He plans on making a series of band guide books that directors can use for their programs. Examples of those books are how to run a band at a competition or an operational manual for your staff if you’re on a trip. Director Hollins also gave insight on the works for a “Diary of a Mad Band Director” part two that will be based on what happens when you go mad and try to recover from it.

He plans to make this a big thing and already has a brand around it created from shirts, hats, slogans, and getting his own band shoe made.


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