Students at NCCU Ticket Office pictured purchasing remaining Homecoming tickets and asking question about ticket prices. Photo by Aaliyah Bowden/ Campus Echo Co-Editor -in-Chief.

On the varying costs of 2019 Homecoming tickets

October 29, 2019

The upcoming N.C. Central University homecoming event has students with mixed opinions on the pricing of the event, but the students that got their tickets in advance have fewer complaints than the students who waited.

That’s because the longer you wait the higher the prices are.

The annual event starting on Nov. 3 and ending on Nov. 9 has been advertised in N.C. Central residence halls, cafe’s, and on social media for quite some time now.

“Homecoming is the biggest event of the year for students at Central,” said ticket seller Jerry Fairley.

The homecoming event features five different activities that students can attend including the gospel show, tent party, hip hop concert, step show, and predawn.

Each event happens on a separate day during the entire week. However, since the package deals were limited and sold out quickly, pricing became a problem for students who didn’t yet buy a ticket.

Fairley himself disagrees with the prices put forth by Darrien Jerman, assistant director of student engagement in leadership.

“The packages would have never sold out as quickly if the price was higher,” Fairley said.

The lesser price for the package deal was a limited offer that Jerman set forth to entice students to get their tickets in advance.

“I prefer the package deals to be $80,” Fairley said. “Students who actually want to go to all the events would pay the full amount.”

Freshmen nursing major Briana Lewis benefited from the package deal by getting her tickets in advance. Her tickets were $60 opposed to the $105 she would have paid if she got the tickets on a later date.

“The package deals were convenient for me,” Lewis said.

Freshmen business administration major Jordyn Martin also benefited by getting her tickets in advance.

“Buying the tickets on the first day was a priority of mine,” Martin said. “I’m pretty content with the total pricing of the event.”

Junior psychology major Deja Hill bought her tickets a day after the package deals were sold out. According to Hill, the prices should have been much more affordable for students who bought their tickets a day after sales began.

“If I was the director of homecoming, I would make the prices $30 for the entire event,” Hill said.

Events are an important part of NCCU student life. Each student is encouraged to attend these events to show support to the school. Posters and flyers are constantly being passed around to promote these events on and off campus. Students that regularly attend these events said they’ve been looking forward to homecoming since the beginning of school.

Freshmen political science major Makhi Best is no different. Unlike some NCCU students, Best has yet to buy a ticket. According to Best, the ticket sales are too high, and he would rather pay for each event individually.

“Once I get my tickets, I’m looking forward to the tent party and predawn,” Best said. “I’ve never been a big fan of concerts.”

Tickets are still being sold today at the ticket office near the bookstore. It’s not too late to purchase a ticket and enjoy one of NCCU’s biggest festivals.


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