NCCU Alumni and Groove Phi Groove member Brice Knight presents a check during Homecoming weekend. Photo by Cameron Rogers/Echo Staff Photographer.

Groove Phi Groove kickstarts undergraduate renewal with donation

November 28, 2018

Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship, Inc. took a major step in revitalizing their legacy at N.C. Central University with the donation of $1,200 to the NCCU Foundation during the 2018 Homecoming festivities earlier this month.

The Social Fellowship is in the process of reinstating an undergraduate chapter on the campus. Brice Knight helped presented the check on behalf of his fellow fraternity brothers.  

Morgan State University is the home of Groove Phi Groove which was founded on Oct 12, 1962 by fourteen collegiate black men. These men established what they call a “unbreakable UNITY.” A brotherhood that upheld a true growth of economic and social success through prevailing in academics.

“I greet you in full recognition that “we have come this far by faith”. This has been an unbelievably challenging year for all of us as we’ve had to once again witness the shooting deaths of Black men by law enforcement officers,” said the current President of Groove Phi Groove. The fraternity has pledged undying allegiance to increase positive images of African-American men. The men of Groove Phi Groove have pledged that their future success is based on the ability to be a positive role model for the community, especially the youth of African-American boys.

Groove Phi Groove’s chapter involvement will start with an annual chapter scholarship fundraiser, youth mentoring program, and future eagle chapter homecoming tailgates.

“It is extremely important for us to see our black community graduating from HBCU’s and mentoring the next generation,” said Brice Knight. “We plan to do this every year.”

If a central student has an interest in joining Groove Phi Groove, Knight Says “They must have at least a 2.7 GPA, no pending felony case or felony convictions and no current or past membership in any Greek fraternity.”

Along With the fraternity of Groove Phi Groove is the sisterhood, of Swing Phi Swing. They are also in search possibly being reinstated on Central’s campus.

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