ITS technician works diligently to re-image software in the Alexander-Dunn building. Photo by Chris Frazier.

Computer re-imaging underway, faculty able to post grades remotely or with hotspot

November 29, 2023

Starting this week, Information Technology Services began to restore N. C. Central University’s software throughout campus.

Faculty using Eagles Guest Wi-Fi or who have not yet had their ethernet restored are unable to access Banner 9. They can, however, access all applications in Banner 9 by working at home, off campus or by using their personal phone’s hotspot on campus.

This gives them access to Faculty Self-Service, Student Registration, and more. Grades are submitted by faculty on the Faculty Self-Service application.

According to NCCU Marketing and Communication’s Monday email, ITS members will arrive at buildings throughout the week to wipe and re-image software affected by the Nov. 12 cyber intrusion. Once this is done the re-imaged computer will be online.

Re-imaging is when a system or hard drive is wiped, resulting in a clean refresh of that computer’s system. This recovery option is a last resort for software that has become corrupted, outdated, or, in the case of NCCU, has been infected by viruses or a cyberattack.

Due to this process, it’s imperative that faculty and students who use NCCU desktops save their assignments or valuable information to external drives.

As of Monday evening, ITS specialists have already re-imaged all the software in the following buildings: Shepard Administration Building, Campus Police and Safety, Hubbard Totten, William Jones Building, Student Services Building, Cottage 1, and the Shepard Library. Re-imaged desktops or laptops can be identified by the green stickers they have.

ITS also asks that the NCCU community not use any infected software that hasn’t gone through the re-imaging process.

According to the schedule, ITS members will re-image software in O’Kelly-Riddick Stadium, Taylor Education, and the McDougald-McLendon Arena today. The B.N. Duke buildings, fine art building, art museum, and music hall will be re-imaged tomorrow. ITS will end the week with Farrison-Newton, Mary Townes, and the BRITE building.

Several dormitories, the Student Union, and the new Student Center aren’t listed, but ITS will provide information on those buildings in the upcoming week. Students and faculty can refer to the schedule through their emails or this screenshot if their email remains inaccessible.

The re-imaging process for NCCU has begun. Photo by Chris Frazier.

Also, for students and faculty struggling with ethernet connectivity, their restoration plan is by building. For example, suppose desktops use ethernet cables to connect to the internet like the few in the Campus Echo, located in Farrison-Newton. Their repair will occur as early as Friday.

In the meantime, NCCU is beginning to assist students who haven’t registered for next semester. Starting on Nov. 28, Zoom meetings are being held for students by advisors throughout campus. In-person meetings will occur on Alexander-Dunn’s second floor between 1 and 4 p.m.

The situation is ongoing, and the Campus Echo will provide updates when more information is available.

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ITS technician works diligently to re-image software in the Alexander-Dunn building. Photo by Chris Frazier.
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ITS technician works diligently to re-image software in the Alexander-Dunn building. Photo by Chris Frazier.
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