NCCU student partaking in an intense game of pool in the New Student Center game room.

The new place for Eagles to rest in the nest

October 17, 2022

The first thing a student might hear walking into New Student Center game center is rap on the speakers and the sharp crack of a cue ball. The vibe is chill. But the air conditioning is even chiller, so you may want to bring in a jacket.

The recently opened game center is quickly becoming a nesting spot for Eagles. It boasts foosball, air hockey, board games, TVs, and, for the game weary, couches for lounging. But the five pools tables are the main focus of the room.

Most of the pool players are guys chilling with their friends. But the ladies have started to trickle in. Some blush and some gloat when they beat the guys at Eight Ball. Haven Norfleet was one of those winning gals.

“It’s cool vibes in here,” said Norfleet. “I didn’t even know this was here until Alex told me this was here. “I would definitely recommend it to other Eagles.”

The Alex she is referring to is Alex Martinez, they guy she had just beat in pool. Martinez is happy to have the game center accessible. “It’s smooth and it’s convenient too because we live near here,” he said.

Early College students say they like the center because it’s a space where they can meet new friends. “The center was made for this exact purpose,” said Dylan Franks. “This place has TV’s, chairs, couches, and you can hook your open personal game conceals to the TV’s.”

While students can bring their own Xbox or PlayStations, the center does have these systems hooked up.

Franks and his friends said they would love to see the game center organize a pool tournament

“Yo, can you imagine,” said Franks. “I’m going to get beat by Steve Harvey.” While everyone burst out laughing, the reference was beyond this reporter.

“The center can be rented out by clubs on campus,” said center employee Tyler Kendel. “But I don’t know if individual students are allowed to rent out the space.”

Kendel said students only need their Eagle ID or a regular ID to use the center.

“If you come without one of those, we need some kind of collateral from you. Something you need back. Shoes, wallet, keys, something,” said Kendel.

“We have never had a pool tournament, but I don’t see why not.

The game center is located in New Student Center next is next to the Chick-fil-a. Its hours are 1-10 p.m. weekdays and 1-8 p.m. weekends. And don’t forget to wear a jacket.

Story by Spiro Trance

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NCCU student partaking in an intense game of pool in the New Student Center game room.
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NCCU student partaking in an intense game of pool in the New Student Center game room.
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