Popular artists hit the stage at NCCU’s 2019 HOCO Hip-hop Concert

November 18, 2019

North Carolina Central University held its long-awaited and anticipated 2019 homecoming hip-hop concert. Thursday November 7 in the McDougald-McLendon Arena.

The lineup for this event were some of the biggest and newest names in music for this generation.

The show was opened up by NCCU students and rap artists BJ Swayed and DaJuan Banx.

Following the opening act, Hip-hop and R&B artist, Tink, opened up with her hit single “Million” (2015) which was a tribute to the late R&B star Aaliyah. The song is a rendition of Aaliyah’s hit single “One in a Million” (1996).

Tink proceeded to perform her other singles such as “Don’t Tell Nobody” (2014), “Different” (2018), and “Treat Me Like Somebody” (2013) just to name a few.

The crowd was loved hearing such relatable music from a person who is not much older than some of the student body.

Tink had the crowd singing along with her to the point where she was not singing her songs it was her fans singing her songs for her.

After Tink was done with her set , the crowd was still roaring with energy.

Rap artist Lil Durk would follow behind Tink with his performance of a select few of his older and more recent songs.

Lil Durk’s stage presence was something that I have never seen before.

He was so calm and collected which made the crowd hype him up more than anything.

The crowd was enjoyed every minute of what was going on, and it seemed that Lil Durk was enjoying himself as well.

There was a brief intermission in between Lil Durk’s and Megan Thee Stallion’s set as a result of Megan’s tardiness from a show in Las Vegas the same night.

Once the interview portion was complete, Megan was ready to get on to the stage and perform her set.

Megan performed some of her hit songs from her latest mixtape, “Fever” (2019), which she delivered with an excellent performance.

The whole arena was illuminated by flashlights and the sound of fans cheering Megan Thee Stallion radiated throughout the building.

It was a long awaited performance, and if you were there, you could see that everyone felt like it was worth the wait.

Story and Video by: De’Aundre Barnes 

Interviewer: Giera Mann 

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