The Campus Garden at N.C. Central University continues to preserve despite the pandemic and not having that many active volunteers this semester. Photo by Micah Sneed/Campus Echo Reporter.

NCCU Campus Garden continues to thrive this semester


In between the Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology building,  and the Mary Townes Science Building at N.C. Central University is a little forgotten patch of land.

A place where students can go to do community service, enjoy events where poetry is told in the serene background, and where students work with one another with little reservation.

Despite not being well known and not in its best shape right now during the COVID-19 pandemic, the campus garden has generated new interest among students who desire to return it to its previous glory. 

Most of the dedicated volunteers to the garden have graduated, which has left no one to take over the responsibility, according to Campus Garden President Kristen Hauser.

Hauser, who is a sophomore at NCCU, plans to bring life and activity back to the garden by  “completely revamping the infrastructure of the area”  and building relationships with campus organizations and within the city of Durham.

Hauser has already organized four days where students can come, get muddy and work alongside her. This is no doubt a testimony to her dedication. 

Although the garden runs on student participation, it would not be able to function without the help and guidance of a facility member.

Senior Academic Advisor and Director of NCCU Think Garden, Tamette Farrington, has taken on that responsibility.

Farrington, who began her work with the garden in 2019, acknowledges that the garden has been through many different phases, but is still a  great organization to be apart of.

“It feels good to come together with people in the community and to work for a common cause with just love,” Farrington said.

Even though the pandemic has changed life on NCCU’s campus, it has not deterred Farrington and  Hauser from deciding to do the work themselves.

“North Carolina Central University’s campus is already beautiful, the garden, it just needed some love”, said Farrington. That love and dedication leaves the garden in good hands and with the help from volunteers, it will be as beautiful as any garden on any campus in no time. 

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 9:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m, the Campus Garden is open for students to come volunteer and receive community service hours.

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