L.E.A.P program launches at NCCU


A new program for students seeking to break into the entertainment and arts industries as been founded by N.C Central University Alum and Grammy nominated artist Marcus Anderson. Freshly announced in February, the program uses mentoring, coaching, and an online portal for NCCU students to learn what they need outside the classroom too.

According to a press release, L.E.A.P will be delivered in three components. Melding the spontaneity and community of in-person interaction with the self-paced structure of online delivery of the fundamentals of the entertainment industry.

“It’s a way of getting the students to understand what’s happening in today’s society,” Anderson said. “This is where it started. This is where it came from. I learned a lot while I was here at North Carolina Central and if we are comparing it to movies, What I have learned now is the sequel.”

With 13 studio albums to his credit, Anderson, who graduated from NCCU with a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies. In collaboration with Darnell “Showcase” Taylor, his most recent song, “Soul Ties,” debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Airplay Chart.

He joined stage with performers like CeeLo Green, Judith Hill, Stevie Wonder, and Liv Warfield, where he became a vital member of these touring ensembles, thanks to his work with the late Prince and the New Power Generation.

In his most recent album, “Hit N Run Phase 2,” Prince also included Anderson, who played on the songs “Revelation” and “Look at Me Look at You.” Additionally, he has entertained guests including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, activist Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., and former President Barack Obama.

“It is going to show the entire world what is here in Durham, North Carolina and what’s being offered on campus,” Anderson said enthusiastically. “It’ll help places like HBCUs thrive even more.”

The first component of L.E.A.P. with Marcus Anderson includes sessions for small groups at which Anderson will impart his industry knowledge and demonstrate how he turned his early experiences into an award-winning career and other business prospects.

The second component of L.E.A.P. will include Anderson and a selection of his friends and celebrity and entertainment specialists, including Comedian and Actor Tommy Davidson; World-renowned Drummer and Percussionist Sheila E; and Grammy Award-winning musician, Producer, and Composer Mr. Talkbox. These conversations will include candid, first-person tales of their ascents to the top of the entertainment business according to the website.

According to Anderson, In final component of L.E.A.P. the “L.E.A.P. Online Master Workshop Portal,” NCCU students will have exclusive, round-the-clock online access to a variety of materials created to give them in-depth exposure to the entertainment industry.

There will also be coverage of the entertainment business overview, social media branding, several revenue-generating options, market and brand extension strategies, and illustrations of successful persons in the sector.

Anderson states that the portal, which launches on May 31, will enhance NCCU’s distinctive classroom environment and hands-on teaching. In addition, Anderson promised to donate a portion of the money raised by the 2023 Marcus Anderson’s Jazz AND Coffee Escape festival, which would be held at NCCU from July 27 to 29.

Story by Telly Page
Campus Echo Staff

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