Culture Festival at NCCU Allows Students to Share Their Heritage

April 21, 2023

Culture got celebrated at N.C Central University on April 12 in the New Student Union.

This was the second year Culture Festival, or Culture Fest, was held, at NCCU. Students and faculty from different organizations, departments, and cultures gathered to celebrate their heritage and traditions.

From the Caribbean Students Association to the Department of Language and Literature, each booth represented a different aspect of different cultures around the world, as well as booths from the Library, Peace Corps, who recently renewed a five-year deal with NCCU, and the office of International Affairs promoting different programs on campus in tune with the event.

The event also featured the Batuqe Band.

The Batuqe Band performing their set for the evening

“I think there should be a bigger turnout,” associate professor Javier Alvarez-Jaimes said. “We are a multicultural university, and this should be a moment of learning. Maybe next year it could be held downstairs where people can see it as they come in.”

It was also the second year the Caribbean Student Association participated in Culture Fest.

“Something I love about my culture is the togetherness and how we come together and are there for each other.” said Kalaeya Redding, a freshman and member of the Caribbean Students Association.

“With this being our first year back on campus, we plan on having different events, including a CSA week to further educate people about Caribbean and West Indian culture.”

The Caribbean Students Association takes a group picture with chancellor Akinleye

It wasn’t just the aspect of getting to put their culture on display, but getting to show and tell others about themselves and their cultural identity that had students, faculty and staff excited about the festival.

“I’m proud of the traditions in my culture and the number of dialects we speak,” said sophomore Amaya Thomas, speaking about her Filipino heritage. “Coming here and seeing the booth for the Asian Students Organization, it made me happy to see that other people were taking interest in my culture as well.”

Amaya Thomas (left) stands with Captain Peralta (right) holding a a miniature Philippines flag

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