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    According to a January 2014 government report released by the White House over 90% of female rape victims know their attacker and just 12% of college sexual assault victims report the crime. Photo courtesy of Public Health Watch.

NCCU student reports sexual assault


Sexual assault on college campuses may not be the trending topic for incoming and returning students at N.C. Central University, but according to Public Health  Watch about 22 million women have been raped while in college.

A NCCU student reported being sexually assaulted  on August 16 at 3 a.m., according to the police report the location of the incident was 500 Block George Street. When asked for clarification on which dorm Officer Selina Joyce Newell declined to clarify the location of the incident. “I can only tell you whats on the paper,” said Newell.  In the same incident her roommate reported being robbed, according to NCCU’s  police report.

“Our job is to help aid victims in different situations,” said NCCU Campus Police Detective Bryant Hernandez. 

According to One In Four, a nonprofit dedicated to the prevention of rape and sexual assault, one in four college women are the victims of survived rape or attempted rape.

Nicole Wiley, Preventions and Education Coordinator at NCCU’s Women’s Center, said  she wants students to take a more proactive stand. The mission of the Women’s Center is

help victims cope with sexual assault and rape.

“We want to increase bystander intervention and train students to recognize what is going on around them,” said Wiley.

Wiley said they are implementing programs that offer students help in all areas of sexual assault.

According to a February 2014 government report released by the White House, President Obama announced a white house initiative that will be bring awareness to sexual assault on college campuses. Obama signed a defense bill that is designed to protect victims and ensure that perpetuators of sexual assault do not escape punishment.

According to Public Health Watch, a website publication designed to keep an eye on the public health , 92 percent of female rape victims are assaulted by someone they know. Just 12% of college sexual assaults victims ever report their crime.



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