Campus Echo Presents: NOMMO Spring 2022 Newsletter


NOMMO: “The Power of Spoken Word.”

To truly mark the end of the spring semester, the Campus Echo co-editor-in-chief, James Burrell, would like to share this year’s NOMMO newsletter by the NCCU Department of Mass Communication.

This year’s newsletter marks the 10th anniversary of the department and was made possible by newsletter co-editors James Burrell and Jesse White.

Dr. Bruce dePyssler did production and design with Dr. Shauntae White and Chair Dr. Calvin Hall advising the project.

This year’s newsletter includes:

  • Articles on two new scholarships named after graduates of our department
  • A Q&A with new faculty member Dr. Aerial Ellis, the department’s Wells Fargo Endowed Chair and Distinguished Professor
  • The retirement of Dr. Charmaine McKissick-Melton aka “Dr. Mac,” which includes a video produced by Jesse White and assistant professor Micheal Pearce
  • The department’s new portfolio requirement
  • Alumni feature of 2017 graduate and filmmaker Kenneth Alexander Campbell, who is now teaching at Howard University
  • A word from department Chair Dr. Calvin Hall
  • Faculty and alumni updates

Please visit the link below to view the newsletter:

NOMMO SPRING 2022 Newsletter

We will also post some of the articles throughout the week.

The editors would like to thank all contributors and associates who helped in making the newsletter as well.

Thank you to all the faculty and alumni for their participation! Have a great summer!