NCCU entrepreneur Nyla Orr produces organic hair products by hand.

Business on the rise – That One Stop Shop Co.

March 15, 2023

At N.C. Central University student Nyla Orr started up her business called “That One Stop Shop Co.” to assist with your hair care needs.

Nyla Orr, better known as Nyla K, is from Suffolk, Va. After her first visit to NCCU she knew this is where she wanted to attend and further her academic career.

“After my first visit I fell in love with the vibe and the energy I got every time I stepped on campus,” said Orr.

“I still have that feeling today.” Orr is a theatre junior and hopes to become a film director.

Her inspiration for her film direction plans are Jordan Peele, director of “Us” and Ava Duvernay, director of “Queen Sugar.”

“I love how Jordan Peele movies make you notice something new every time you rewatch it and Ava Duvernay tells stories that need to be told!”

While Orr was doing hair and having a casual conversation with her mother, her mother jokingly called it a “one stop shop” and Orr decided to go with that as her business name.

The One Stop Shop “Where All Your Natural Needs Are in One Place” has been up and running full time since August 2022, servicing over 100 clients.

“I like that I can share my talents and my products to help others love their hair and loc journey as much as I do,” said Orr.

“I dislike the time it takes to do everything, but it is always worth it.”

Orr makes her product by hand and using her own recipe. Her products are organic, so she buys her ingredients from Amazon organics and/or organic stores.

She says she found the best combination of ingredients after researching and studying products from other hair companies.

To market her products, she uses “catchy slogans and real-life situations” with her hair to encourage others to buy her products.

The One Stop Shop consists of two products, Mint To Be Hair Oil and MisTea Loc Tonic.

For the Mint To Be Hair Oil you apply the oil to your hair one to two times a day and massage for five minutes.

It helps stimulate growth and gets rid of dry and itchy scalp.

For the Mistea Loc Tonic you will spray it on your scalp up to two times a day.

Orr grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and seeing them work for themselves inspired her to become one herself.

In fact, she started her first business at the age of 14. Her family is big on “living healthy and organically.”

Orr says she was inspired to create her own hair care products because it’s been difficult to find products that suit her own needs and she dislikes having her hair damaged by bleach.

Orr’s long term business goal for The One Stop Shop is for her products to be sold in beauty supply stores as well as beauty salons.
















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NCCU entrepreneur Nyla Orr produces organic hair products by hand.
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NCCU entrepreneur Nyla Orr produces organic hair products by hand.
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