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    Squad 1 preparing to stand at attention as the other squads are lining up. Photo by Tia Mitchell/Assistant editor.
  • ROTC-5.jpg?time=1617913622
    The sign from the obstacle courses that warns patrons about the risks of doing the course. Photo by Tia Mitchell/Assistant editor.
  • ROTC-14.jpg?time=1617913622
    Squad 1 packing and double-checking their ruck sacks before they begin the obstacle courses. Photo by Tia Mitchell/Assistant editor.
  • ROTC-6.jpg?time=1617913622
    Instructor and Captain Soika giving Squad 2, "Ice Cream," tips on how to climb the rope. Photo by Tia Mitchell/Assistant editor.
  • ROTC-4.jpg?time=1617913622
    Squad 2, also known as "Ice Cream" ready for the day's challenges. Photo by Tia Mitchell/Assistant editor.
  • ROTC-10.jpg?time=1617913622
    Cadet Davis (left) getting words of encouragement from teammate Cadet Gage (right) before she begins the obstacle course. Photo by Tia Mitchell/Assistant editor.
  • Porsha-Davis.jpg?time=1617913622
    Cadet Davis taking a leap of faith to overcome the course. Photo by Tia Mitchell/Assistant editor.
  • ROTC-2.jpg?time=1617913622
    Squad 3, also known as "G.A.T.A.,"ready to take the courses head-on. Photo by Tia Mitchell/Assistant editor.
  • ROTC-13.jpg?time=1617913622
    Squad 1,"The Avengers" crawling through the mud under barbed wire. Photo by Tia Mitchell/Assistant editor.
  • ROTC-8.jpg?time=1617913622
    Cadet Parker moving across the slippery monkey bars. Photo by Tia Mitchell/Assistant editor.
  • ROTC-20.jpg?time=1617913622
    Cadet Davis and her squad attempting to climb the wall. Photo by Tia Mitchell/Assistant editor.
  • ROTC-3.jpg?time=1617913622
    Squad 1, "The Avengers," ready to fight and beat the other teams in the competition. Photo by Tia Mitchell/Assistant editor.
  • ROTC-1.jpg?time=1617913622
    The operations team that helped the training go smoothly and cheer the teams on. Photo by Tia Mitchell/Assistant editor.
  • ROTC-17.jpg?time=1617913622
    Cadet Kendall (left) and Cadet Martinez (right) doing a congratulatory pose after completing the final challenge. Photo by Tia Mitchell/Assistant editor.

PHOTO GALLERY: Duke-NCCU ROTC learn leadership at challenges at Camp Butner


Imagine sleeping on cold concrete with nothing but a sleeping bag, only to wake up at the crack of dawn, march into the middle of the forest and do rigorous exercises for several hours in the rain. When it’s over, you’re covered with dirt and sweat. This is how the students at Duke University and N.C. Central University’s Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps spent a recent weekend.

On the weekend of Nov. 6, Duke and NCCU ROTC program held their annual Leadership Development Exercise (LDX) training at Camp Butner in Rougemont, N.C. It’s all courage, bravery, strength and perseverance, a challenge the cadets take on to face their fears head-on and conquer the tasks they face.

It’s a great time for the Duke-NCCU battalion to prepare for the realities of military life.

“The LDX has actually put our skills that we learn in the classroom to the test,” said NCCU criminal justice senior Trayton Hendrix.

“We have the hands-on approach with [LDX] and you could only learn so much from a book, you actually have to apply it.”

Sunday’s exercise included obstacle courses that had wall-climbing, barbed wire crawls and maneuvering under high rope bridges.

Battalion leader and NCCU senior cadet Houda Ouardi advised her cadets to proceed with caution, warning them that they could get injured doing the challenges. She even recounted her own experience of breaking her knee last year doing the obstacle courses. She ended up using crutches for months.

The ROTC exercise doesn’t just build mental and physical strength — it’s also designed to strengthen bonds between battalion members at different ranks and from different walks of life.

“I feel like the seniors this year did a really great job with incorporating the freshmen and the sophomores this year,” said NCCU elementary education sophomore Taylor Ritch.

“The freshmen this year are very strong. They have a good cohesive bond together. They have definitely shown class camaraderie and I feel like that is the way to go.”

The newcomers struggled, but the seniors guided them along the way and helped them pull through the day’s challenges.

Hendrix said he understands the struggle beginning cadets face and that it was difficult for him at first, too. The result of the exercise is a growing sense of leadership.

“[LDX] gives MS-4s, seniors and the actual leadership, the instructors, a chance to look at what kind of people they are,” he said.

“There was pouring rain and it wasn’t the funnest of atmospheres, but we get to see their true personalities. We saw their true colors come out and see if they’re able to embrace it because if they’re not able to embrace the rain, then they can’t embrace the Army.”



Tia Mitchell, mass communications senior, is the Campus Echo Co-editor-in-chief. Her interests include music, books, and fiction-writing. Her dream is to work as a communications director in medicine and science.

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