VIDEO: From Ethiopia to the airwaves

May 2, 2018

For many students, it’s often difficult to find a field of study they’re passionate about. Abeba Asseged, a junior mass communication major attending N.C. Central University, knows this struggle all too well.

Asseged switched her major nearly half a dozen times before finding her niche. To make sure this was a field she wanted to make a career in, Asseged sought out internships to gain some firsthand experience.

After seeing that an artist she followed on Instagram appeared on a radio show, she called that same station to ask if there were any internship opportunities. Emini, an on-air personality at the station welcomed Asseged to come to the station and join the team.

Now, she has worked her way up from intern to on-air personality for “The People’s Station” Choice FM 92.1 in Raleigh.

Finding her passion in radio was a great relief to Asseged. Even though she had faith that she would eventually find her path in life, the journey was often difficult. Having grown up in both Ethiopia and America, Asseged often drifted between two drastically different cultures.

To find out more about her experience and goals for uniting the two cultures of her life through radio, watch the the video above.

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