The ultimate spring break trip

March 4, 2016

To go to college is one thing, but to truly experience your undergraduate years you must have an ultimate spring break trip.

Whether it’s to New York or North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains, a spring break trip is the most epic of all colleges experiences.

Many North Carolina Central University students choose sunny destinations for spring break.

Opinion By Tia Samuel Mass Communication Junior
Opinion By Tia Samuel
Mass Communication Junior

Panama City, Miami, and Myrtle Beach are some of the fan favorites. Why not soak up some sun after the crazy weather we’ve been having?

The beach is the perfect place for spring break because you can pack lightly.

No heavy coats or Dr. Maartens, and you can finally lay the Uggs to rest.

Your suitcase will consist of shorts, tanks, sunglasses, toiletries, a hat and some sandals. Oops! I almost left out the most important item.

A super flattering bathing suit (this goes for the guys as well).

Be sure to buy swimwear that compliments your skin tone as well as putting on sunscreen before you hit the shore.

Another awesome element of going to the beach for spring break is that there will be plenty of other students there for the same reason!

That leaves lots of time for making new friends and networking.

So what about the people who can’t go to the beach for an epic spring break experience?Well they are in luck!

There are plenty of ways to make your spring break epic and productive.

Volunteering at a homeless shelter or elementary school over the break is a way to rack up on community service hours.

Picking up an internship in your career field is also a great way to utilize your spring break.

I know volunteering and interning doesn’t sound that interesting but after all those are the keys to finding a job after your undergraduate years.

So it’s best to tackle them head on instead of waiting until the last minute.

To find other ideas, or alternatives for spring break log on to,, or visit your local university’s student affairs division for more information.

So no matter what you do for spring break live it up, be productive, and experience something new.

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