“Speak My Soul” represents the best of Black History Month


“Speak My Soul,” the N.C. Central University Departments of Theatre and Dance and Music production that ran from Feb. 16–25, 2018, was an amazing work that brought attention to issues that have plagued the black community for centuries through song, dance and spoken word.

The production, headed by Theatre and Dance Department chairwoman Dr. Stephanie “Asabi” Howard, University Choir director Roberta Laws and NCCU Dance Group director Nancy Pinckney, led their respective students to create a show to remember.

Issues covered fell within a well-constructed timeline and included slavery and its abolition, the Jim Crow Era, subsequent Civil Rights Movement and modern-day police brutality. Each was eloquently represented by the cast and with the help of the choreography and song choices, had its message poignantly conveyed.

In addition, the cast’s on-stage chemistry was impeccable — one could see that each performer put their hearts and soul in every move danced, every lyric sung and in every line said.

Overall, the cast and crew of Speak My Soul did an outstanding job in paying homage to the black community and giving a voice to issues that should never be forgotten.

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