There is magic in darkness. There is beauty in my skin. There is grace in my walk. There is power in my stance.

Opinion by Tajma Smoutherson Family and Consumer Sciences sophomore

There is love in my heart and strength in my voice. There is greatness all around because, baby, I’m a black girl.

Whether I’m a dark skinned devil or a brown skinned Barbie, from the good to the bad, I’ve heard it all. From “wow you got darker” to “wow, you’re so pretty for a black girl.” Trust me, I’ve heard it all.

And what is that supposed to mean anyway? “You’re so pretty for a black girl”…like really? Honey, I’d be pretty whether I be black, purple, orange, or brown.

The color of my skin does not define my beauty, but trust me I’m doing great with the sun-kissed skin that I’m in.

And growing up, I’m sure that all my fellow chocolate bunnies and I had to go through our own personal problems regarding our skin tones.

But I am here to tell you not to ever let anyone ever bother you about it because you are beautiful, you are blessed, and you too are a #MelaninMonroe.

Tajma Smoutherson is a Family and Consumer Sciences sophomore with a concentration in apparel design and a minor in business. She plans on a career in fashion merchandising.

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