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What I think SGA should do next


The student elections at North Carolina Central University finally came to a close last week when the results were announced at the Mr. and Miss NCCU Pageant.

Now that we know who will be representing NCCU on the Royal Court and in our Student Government Association, one question remains: Will we see the changes we think need to be made?

Every year during campaign season, students hear promises of things like coin machines for the laundry room, more campus events, and better cafeteria food, but rarely are these promises ever fulfilled.

What I hope to see this year is a royal court and a student government that stand behind what they promised. Too often, students run for SGA positions simply because they want a crown, a sash, a title, some popularity, or something to stick on their resume.

But a crown and sash can easily be bought at your local Party City, and a title is nothing if you don’t live up to it.

Many students want to see more on-campus parties and events, like cook outs and parties similar to pre-dawn. I hope the SGA looks into this. It’s an important issue because many students living on campus don’t have cars to get to off campus events.

It would also be safer to host more events on campus, where everything can be monitored, regulated, and students don’t have to drive off campus.

I also would like to see more campus involvement from our Royal Court. It’s always seemed to me that I see them during campaign season, but after they win they disappear only to be seen at sports and other big campus events.

The Royal Court needs to be more than show ponies. They need to take some initiative and use their platform as a voice for the entire student body.

I hate to think we have a Royal Court that just sits at games in matching outfits, when there is so much more they could be doing for us.

However, the biggest change I hope to see doesn’t lie within the SGA or Royal Court, but more so the voting students.

I want to know that NCCU students are picking qualified candidates to represent us, and not just voting for their fellow Greek brothers and sisters, or those gave out the best candy, free T-shirts, and – can you believe it? – combs.

NCCU needs a SGA and a Royal Court willing to put as much effort during their reign as they did during their campaigns — something I have yet to see while at NCCU.

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