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Valentine’s Day: Dread or Delight?


Pockets emptied, kisses galore, and what some may say is a little too much PDA — public display of affection. It’s the famed day of love around the world: Valentine’s Day.

But aside from the glamour and fluff, what is the actual perception of Valentine’s Day? Let’s just say, men and women tend to have a very different sentiment about the “love holiday.”

There are two very different sides to this day. You have the man, who usually digs a little further down in his wallet and heart to please a special lady in his life.

Nijah McKinney

Then you have the special lady who gets the pleasure of being showered in whatever gifts or extra affection the man chooses to give.

In return, she may or may not do the same. But that’s deemed to be OK … right?

Let’s be completely honest, Valentine’s Day is catered to women. Of course there are plenty of women who reciprocate actions, but the day itself screams: “Show your lady how much you love her!”

From the store aisles flooded with chocolates and teddy bears, to the dozens of jeweler commercials urging that “this ring will keep you in her heart forever,” men are under pressure to impress on some level.

While I personally admire the holiday, I do feel there is a little too much emphasis on what men must cough up compared to women.

This emphasis has become so dominating, that it leaves many men dreading the day itself. Women, on the other hand, are often looking forward to it.

MSN Lifestyle cited studies that show men, on average, men spend about twice as much — $168.74 vs $85.76 — as women do.

Not only are men expected to find the perfect gift for us, but they are also challenged with the task of exercising that romantic and creative muscle of theirs to put together some big, special, eventful day. Obviously, a struggle for some of the guys out there.

While Valentine’s Day is like a second birthday for women, one where we all have the same birthday, the reality tends to go a little like this:

Woman: Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I can’t wait to see what he got me and has planned. I bet he’s been working on it for months!

Man: Valentine’s Day is coming up. I have to figure out what the hell I’m going to do. This is gonna hurt my wallet. Guess I’ll skip out on the new 2K.

Woman: I bet that new Pandora bracelet I’ve been eyeing is hiding somewhere in his car. And after that, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

Man: She should be alright with flowers … right? After all she does love me, right? And she does know I love her, right? And she does understand that I’m just a broke college student, right?

And now I should say something cute and encouraging for the guys … so sorry guys. Just let the ladies have it. It’s only one day out of the year. Besides, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day that you should work to make her happy!


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