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    Tyler Fisher holding his first book, "Cardiac Cardinals". Photo by Kevin Omar/Campus Echo staff photographer

Purpose through Publication, NCCU student publishes first novel


A love for football and struggles growing up led to N.C. Central sophomore, Tyler Fisher to write and publish his first novel.

Titled “Cardiac Cardinals”, Fisher tells the story of how football has changed his life and help him realize who he is as a person and hopes that his book will inspire others to find their purpose, just as he did.

“We all try to find our purpose in life,” explained Tyler. “ I thought my purpose was football but my purpose wasn’t football. It was just a stepping stone for my purpose.”

The title is a reference to his hometown NFL team in Charlotte, the Carolina Panthers who was called the “Cardiac Cats” for their close games that were decided in the final minutes.

Fisher explains that his high school team, the Phillip O’Berry Cardinals, would work hard on and off the field and fight through close games but could never seem to come up in victory.

“My book goes through the trials and tribulations that I have dealt with mentally even physically with football [and] just me finding my identity,” said Fisher. “ [My football career] is the base for my book because I explained throughout my book that football was a big part of me growing up. I’ve been playing since I was 6 and growing up that’s all I’ve been attached to.”

Fisher can often be seen walking around campus with a smile but few people know about the story of his past and the hardships he has been through.

Football has always been near and dear to Fisher as it became a way to escape from his problems that he has had to face growing up.

Growing up, Fisher was “poor and homeless”. His family often struggled to find places to stay but whenever they did heat, water, and electricity weren’t always available.

“Sometimes we had a candlestick going around the house, washing up cold water, and stuff like that. There were a lot of times where we didn’t have food to eat,” said Fisher. “The struggle of just being in poverty as a black family. But for me, that was one of the biggest obstacles but football was something I could vent to. That’s why I became so attached to it because I fell in love with it”

Football was his way to escape reality but an injury his senior year would become a major turning point in his life.

Fisher explained that the injury changed his life and overall mindset as he went through a period of depression which ultimately led him to find himself.

“I was all alone. I had to build myself back up.”

Fisher began writing his book during his junior year of high school and used his everyday life challenges as motivation not just for himself for those who read. He completed his first novel in the summer of 2019.

“I hope [the book] inspires people to find their purpose in life and help people push through the hard times of life.”

Outside of writing, Fisher keeps his mind busy and remains on his “grind” by working out, study, and figure out ways to provide for not only himself but his family.

“Football was and still is a big part of my life. I just like working on my craft whether I get a chance to play again or not, I love the sport.”

A mass communication major with a minor in business, His goal is to “venture out” into certain areas from acting, producing movies, and making a lasting impact in the entertainment industry.

“It’s some humorous stories and some serious stories but the journey through my book is to just to come and find yourself as a person. Self-care, Self-awareness, and just changing your mindset to success.”


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