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    Debra Saunders-White and her memorable smile. Pencil sketch of the late Chancellor by Kiara Sanders

CARTOON: Remembering the chancellor’s smile


Not longer than a few weeks ago, we lost our Chancellor due to a long battle with cancer.

I can only recall brief memories of her while she was still on earth with the rest of us. I remember her walking into the cafeteria with that same bright and perfect smile as she passed by, greeting students and Sodexo employees alike.

The other memory is a quick “hello, how are you?” as I passed her on the way to a class near the Greek bowl.

I went to the vigil for the Chancellor and as I gazed up at the photo of her in dressed in ceremonial robes, I couldn’t help but notice she had that same expression.

I expected the vigil to be a gloomy affair with tears and sporadic sniffling, but the choir busted into uplifting and joyful songs.

Even still, I had to fight back a tear and some sniffles myself.

The speeches given and songs by the choir complemented what was an indomitable and strong spirit, which reminded the students to continue to have fight left in us to pursue our personal goals and be great examples for those who will come after us.

This is what Debra Saunders-White managed to do with her life, and this is her legacy that will continue to exist.

I never got to know her personally, and can only give all of these observations based off of my glimpses of her in person and in a tribute video they made for her.

I managed to complete this sketch before we were ushered outside.

We were each given LED candles that we held toward the sky as the choir songs dipped into a more heavy, somber mood.

Aside from having that fighting spirit, no matter what challenges or disappointments occur in life, we also have to honor those not-so-happy moments where we pause to think and reflect; Debra Saunders-White is one who will never be forgotten.

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