I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m a little afraid of senior year. It’s not so much the exits I must complete upon graduation, it’s the career path. My biggest fear is to fail life. 
Who will be my competitors in the fashion industry?
What will I need to do to become a successful fashion journalist as a gay black male? That’s not exactly a privileged starting point, is it?
Am I even a great writer?
When will I reach beyond my greatest expectations?
How will I get to the top of the industry without changing who I truly am?
Why did I waste money and time at college if I might ultimately fail?
Those questions are always on my mind.
I have doubted myself often in college, and those things never came through as expected.
We have to realize that our biggest competitors are ourselves.
It’s mind over matter, so if we’re mentally strong, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish and no one can hold us back from our goals.
We will only be as successful as we want to be. Success can be defined simply as this: reaching one’s full potential.
Nothing is easy.
We have to work hard for everything.
We have to work through the stress and tears, or someone else will.
To become a dominant force in any industry, we must stay true to ourselves.
We shouldn’t sacrifice our personal values to gain a seat in a higher position.
There’s nothing wrong with change. We must understand that change is a challenge that can strengthen us. Although change is easier said than done, it’s not about changing what you believe in, but improving on your weaknesses, whether it’s your attitude or your attire.
We have to be patient in everything we do. Everything happens for a reason. Regardless of the situation, there’s always a positive outcome. All good things come to those who wait.
Nevertheless, we have to realize that completing college through life’s unexpected twists and turns isn’t easy.
If it were, everyone would have a degree.
So let’s get it, 2016!

Although the imprisonment statistic for black men is increasing every day, Melquan Ganzy decided to take a different path. As a unique maturing man, he has learned to live for what makes him truly happy. Ganzy lives by the quote, “Individuality is the key to living for one’s truth.” Ganzy is a senior mass communication student, who’s also minoring in apparel design. Upon graduating on May 14, 2016, he hopes to attend The New School of Parson in New York City. His ultimate career goal is to become a prominent black fashion creative director and editor. Fashion is his happiness, and freedom of expression. Words from Melquan Ganzy: In my journey as a college student, I’ve grown to live with patience and remain true to one, knowing that everything happens for a reason. It depends on one whether he or she decides to dwell on challenges and to allow the situation to retain one from reaching their fullest potential in life. Staying true allows one to accept the things that possibly permanent. Unfortunately, everyone experience difficult challenges in life, but fortunately everyone has a story. My story could be a positive influence on the next person. In all, I will continue to be patient and true.

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