Three N.C. Central University students hold signs in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement as apart of the march to the polls on Oct. 23 from the NCCU track to the Albert L. Turner Law Building. Photo by De'Ja Bunyan/Campus Echo Photographer.

Two NCCU athletes organize a peaceful march to the polls


Two athletes at N.C. Central University led a peaceful march starting from the NCCU track and ending at the Albert L. Turner Law Building to go vote last Friday at 11:30 a.m.

With Breonna Taylor’s killer’s verdict in mind, the Eagles took to the pavement to bring awareness to voter suppression and systemic racism.

Sophomore infield and center softball player Madison Webb and Junior Defensive line football player Jessie Malit were responsible for leading the march.

”We want to make people aware we have a right to vote and why it matters on the federal, state, and local level,” Malit said.

Like Malit, Webb felt a strong passion for helping others understand the seriousness of the upcoming presidential election and why students should vote.

”Every vote counts,” Webb said.

“So if we can rally up at least 100 people to vote, we can try to make a difference which is better than doing nothing, especially if the election doesn’t come out favorably.”

In preparation for the march, Malit explained his experience of being racially profiled by his non-black teammates.

”We’re not always going to see eye to eye in every situation,” Malit explained.

“But as long as we can have a conversation from a place of respect and love, only then can we understand each other. This needs to be a blueprint for our country.”

More than 150 students participated in the march. Towards the end of the march, approximately around 12:15 p.m., the athletes made their way to the Law Building.

Students raised up their fists to the sky in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

With early voting ending Oct. 31, NCCU continues to encourage students to vote. The fate of this nation lies within their hands.








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