The ultimate fashion flops of 2017


Let us please start 2018 with more sensible fashion trends.

We all need to agree to leave the wavy brows and lips and glittery tongue back in 2017. Those were just fashion “no-nos” and atrocious in my book. I thought it was a joke at first when I saw girls attempting to follow these trends (if you can even call them that), but to my surprise, it was actually a “thing” in the fashion world.

I started seeing these looks in Marie Claire, Allure and Glamour and thought I was going crazy! I said to myself “surely this can’t be real” and yet there were actually tutorials on how to do these insane looks right in the magazines.

I’m all for expressing oneself through makeup designs, but that was just scary. Why not just stick to the basic contouring with a little glitter highlight to make the face pop? Sometimes less can be more.

When it comes to clothing, I am not feeling Kanye West’s Yeezy line.

I really don’t get his whole concept of putting holes in his sweaters and shirts. What’s the point of purchasing a “distressed pullover wool sweater” with holes and snags purposely sewn in? Why would anyone spend $1.6 thousand on a dismantled looking sweater?

It’s obvious that the cost is associated with the name. If this was selling in a regular store without West’s name attached, I’m sure it wouldn’t sell too well at that hefty price.

Let’s be real: if you want holes in your sweater you can buy one for $25 or less, cut holes in it, snag the thread and make it your own.

I get that Kanye was aiming for something different and unique but his concept did not work for me.

Ultimately, these were the most unforgettable fashion trend fails of 2017. I guess you could say they left me “fashionably scarred.”

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