The extra-mile


Going to class isn’t enough.  Getting good grades isn’t enough. Pulling all-nighters isn’t enough.

What real skill set do you possess besides being able to pass a test or a quiz?

Do you have hands on experience in your career field? Or do you just have hands on experience turning in your homework assignments?

Graduating from college with a degree looks good on paper, but what good does it do if you can’t apply the knowledge you learned in a real world setting?

Opinion By Shakira Warren
Opinion By Shakira Warren

Wake up! Get involved! Wake up! Get involved!

It’s important that you have internships, paid or unpaid, where you will learn how to work, internships that will teach you skills. These skills will help you get to the next level.

The one and only Oprah Winfrey started her career as an intern with CBS affiliate WLAC-TV in Nashville where she turned her internship into a job. She became a full time anchor/reporter for the news station.

So what’s your excuse?

I’m pretty sure that test you aced will not be the reason you get an interview for a job.

Don’t get me wrong, getting good grades is excellent and it shows great work ethic, but there’s more to it.

See if you can volunteer if an internship opportunity isn’t provided, volunteering helps develop skill sets.

See if you can shadow someone who is in your career path.  Shadowing can help develop skill sets, and it shows people in your perspective field that you are prepared for this job.

Don’t just think going to class will be the ONLY reason you get your dream job.

Don’t waste time and money while in college!!! Take the next step and get an internship.



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