Souls for SALE


It’s 2016, and I hope you all have stopped the foolery on social media.

I’m not talking about how you get on Twitter to portray yourself as Mister Popular, while in reality you’re as awkward as they come .

And I’m also not talking about how you use filters on Instagram to enhance your beauty.

That’s so 2000-and-late!

I’m talking about how you’re selling your soul for free.

You actually thought you would get ahead in life by showing a nip slip or your kitty in some brand new 5 for $27 Victoria Secret panties.

Honestly, you were better off working a 5 to 9 at the Waffle House.

Because all you’re getting from Instagram is double tap.

Another one, guys keep your bulge to yourself. Some wood can be harmful to the environment.

I understand Instagram can be used to brand your image or to enhance your platform.

But building an image does not require you to have your back arched like McDonald’s Golden Arches — letting everyone know you’re open for business.

For instance, Angela Renée White, known as Blacc Chyna, is a former exotic dancer and the baby’s mother of the rapper Tyga.

Unfortunately, Chyna — the owner of Lashed, a beauty salon – has created opportunities for herself as a business owner, at the expense of negatively influencing our generation.

Ironically, few will ever take Chyna as a substantial business owner. Last week, Chyna’s back was arched in a black leather skin fitted dress on kitchen counter.

Listen, let me put it simply: “I’m not lovin’ it.”

Your body is valuable and be should be kept hidden — at least from social media.

However, if you chose to use IG as a showcase, allow people to embrace who you truly represent. Don’t make a post because you hoped you to get 1,000 likes.

Better to instead inspire others to form a new perspective of life.

For example, Curtis Bryant, a black photographer and creative genius, posts his artistic photography and inspirational quotes. On Bryant’s Instagram page — @CurtisBryant_ —  he gets over 100 likes on each post, without stripping down to his boxers.

Social media outlets can be used to build images, uplift individuals and innovate. But we have to remember to hold our morals as our highest attraction.

No one will respect us for our greatness if we don’t respect ourselves. We don’t have to lose our values to become successful; we have to be patient and diligent.

You have to work hard for everything; nothing will be placed in your hand because you have exposed your nakedness on social media. Let your own hard work pay off.



Although the imprisonment statistic for black men is increasing every day, Melquan Ganzy decided to take a different path. As a unique maturing man, he has learned to live for what makes him truly happy. Ganzy lives by the quote, “Individuality is the key to living for one’s truth.” Ganzy is a senior mass communication student, who’s also minoring in apparel design. Upon graduating on May 14, 2016, he hopes to attend The New School of Parson in New York City. His ultimate career goal is to become a prominent black fashion creative director and editor. Fashion is his happiness, and freedom of expression. Words from Melquan Ganzy: In my journey as a college student, I’ve grown to live with patience and remain true to one, knowing that everything happens for a reason. It depends on one whether he or she decides to dwell on challenges and to allow the situation to retain one from reaching their fullest potential in life. Staying true allows one to accept the things that possibly permanent. Unfortunately, everyone experience difficult challenges in life, but fortunately everyone has a story. My story could be a positive influence on the next person. In all, I will continue to be patient and true.

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