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Small fire in NCCU dorm, unclear if there were any injuries or deaths


It is unclear if anyone was injured or died in a fire within a residential hall at N.C. Central University Monday night.

Students living in Eagle Landing Residence Hall are used to fire drills on a regular basis because of small incidents that would set off the fire alarm such as smoking or cooking food in the building.

However this time, it was serious.

Five firetrucks pulled up to a Eagle Landing Residence Hall at NCCU a little  after 11 p.m.

Students exited the building, some in their pajamas, across the street to stand in front of Benjamin S. Ruffin Residence Hall.

Officials arrived on the scene within minutes.

NCCU Campus Police and Durham Fire Department could not be reached for comment.

At least five fire officials climbed the stairs in the dorm, which were visible through the glass windows to students, to go on each floor and find the sight of the fire.

One fireman was seen lifting up a window on the second floor while another official used a vacuum-like machine that was audible for students to hear.

Within thirty minutes or so, fire officials had gotten everything under  control and students were allowed to reenter the dormitory.

Eagle Landing is an apartment-style co-ed residence hall, occupying NCCU juniors, seniors, and athletes, with three and four bedrooms that each have  two bathrooms. Amenities include a living room and a kitchen with a stove, microwave, and sink in every room.

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