‘Sister Act’: a holy hell of a good time


The Department of Theatre and Dance here at N.C. Central University hit gold with their two-week run of the hit musical “Sister Act,” proving that not only can our student actors perform under pressure but perform fantastically at that.

This semester has been challenging, stressful and the doctor has prescribed laughter for your symptoms.  They have advised you to go see, Sister Act The Play. While watching you will laugh your butt off and eliminate any worries you have for your upcoming test.

The Theatre and Dance Department has hit gold with the production of this play. Being that the play is based off a widely known movie starring Whoopi Goldberg, the department had a lot of pressure against them. They accepted the pressure and made it their own by making sure the jokes hit and the energy of the play reminded the audience of a beloved film.

Red lights and gold strings hung from the ceiling of the stage and the disco roller skating music played from the stereos put me in the mood of the 1970’s. Every little thing putting me in the mindset of the era where the main character, Deloris Van Cartier, is ready to hit the stage to become a star with her over the top dreams and her love of fur coats.

Finally, the curtains open and the disco music dies down. The air becomes thick in anticipation for the first act. Hoping when the actress sings she can sing her butt off and it doesn’t make me cringe in my seat. However, that was not the case she sung her heart out to each and every song. She made me want to join in and sing along if I knew the lyrics. But let’s not forget the Nuns! Each actress planned the Nuns as if the characters in the movie had jumped into their skin. I could identify each person from the movie from Sister Mary Patrick with her soprano notes and curiosity to strict and straightforward Mother Superior.

Being that this play is a musical of a well-known film multiple things could have left the audience feeling as if they didn’t get all that they came in for. As an audience member, I went in expecting to laugh at the behavior of the nuns when they went to the bar with Deloris, to not like Mother Superior, and to get my mind off the work I had to do when the play ended. To me, the play checked all of those boxes, making it a success in my eyes. Each semester I try to make it to 2 or 3 plays to support the Theatre and Dance Department. By doing that I have seen the actresses and actors get better and better at their craft and this show was an example of their growth. If you have not gone to a play yet this semester you need to go and see what you are missing.

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