Romance over Netflix and chill


Romance. Does it sound familiar? Romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. It’s no secret that romance and chivalry are no longer required to bag a lady.
But why is that?
Is it because guys today are just lazy when it comes to courting a woman?

Or is it because we sell ourselves short and settle for less?

When did “Netflix and chill” become the new dinner and a movie?

Opinion by Diamond Gwynn, Mass Communication Senior
Opinion by Diamond Gwynn, Mass Communication Senior

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with cuddling with your significant other and just chilling.

But if you’re just getting to know someone and that’s all you require, don’t be disappointed if that’s all you get!

Ladies, we must hold ourselves to a certain standard in order to be treated the way we deserve.

If you don’t believe you’re worth more than an invitation to his dorm room, then he won’t either.

Men will treat you the way you treat yourself.

Men, I totally understand if you’re not trying to cash out on a girl you just met, or because your wallet won’t allow you to.

However, there are other ways to woo or get to know a woman without spending a boatload of cash on dinner, shoes and clothes.

I’m not sure whether you’ve ever taken a woman on a date or attempted to impress a one, but I can school you.

First, have a well-thought-out plan. Be creative, not lazy. Don’t ask her, “What do you want to do tonight?”

Simplicity is best.

The purpose of dates is to get to know someone by conversing, not to show how much money you’re banking.

And if you’re running low on dough, go to a museum or take her to the park and have a simple picnic.

On the date, when talking to her, make eye contact.

Avoid looking at your phone.

Last, but certainly not least, make sure you set a time you’ll be there to pick her up so that she’s ready.

Most women love getting dressed up, but we can’t do that if your plans are to be locked in a room watching Netflix.

But if you too are only looking for someone to cuddle and be intimate with, just know that will only lead to — in the words of Fabolous — a “situationship.”

You know what a situationship involves: sex — perhaps good, perhaps lousy — and a bad relationship.

When settling for just a trip to a man’s room to let Netflix watch you, you will eventually find yourself in a situationship.

Instead, find yourself some dignity.

Excuse me for another Fabolous reference: “Know your worth.

“Ain’t no discounts!”

Romance isn’t dead.

Romance requires more in a world of social media, reality TV and trap kings.

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