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    Raleigh hip-hop artist Jess Marie performed at N.C. Central University for the first Wild Out Wednesday of the school year Sept. 25. Photo by De'ja Bunyan/Campus Echo Staff Photographer
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    Two NCCU students make a grand entrance on stage at B.N. Duke Auditorium for Wild Out Wednesday. Photo by De'ja Bunyan/Campus Echo Staff Photographer
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    NCCU students watch their peers perform on stage at Wild Out Wednesday Sept. 25. Photo by De'Ja Bunyan/Campus Echo Staff Photographer

NCCU’s wild out wednesday features Raleigh artist Jess Marie


B.N. Duke Auditorium was filled to capacity with students Sept. 25, eager to see 11 acts and a performance by hip-hop artist, Jess Marie at the first Wild Out Wednesday talent show of the school year hosted by N.C. Central University’s Student Activities Board.

“Wild Out Wednesday was really fun! It’s usually always exciting and full of a lot of talented people on campus that you don’t get to see all the time,” junior Jocelyn Heard said. “It allows people to be themselves and just have fun in front of their peers. Something that could have been better though was spacing. I feel like if SAB had Wild Out Wednesday at another venue on campus the event would be that much bigger.”

Mister SAB Ja’quez Booker and Miss SAB Teaja Hamilton hosted the event. Both Hamilton and Booker worked with DJ Slick to keep the crowd engaged in between each act and throughout the intermission.

Freshman Jared Little received an exuberant standing ovation from the audience after showcasing his singing talent in a solo performance.

Other solo acts that performed were Ariel Baker, Izzy, Julii Berry, Maj3sty, Josiah Russel, and Little John.

“(The) First Wild Out Wednesday (was a) great turnout, I’m proud of all the students that participated. SAB is definitely going up this year! This is only the beginning of what we have planned for the student body of NCCU,” SAB Performing Arts Chair Tamyia Rose said. “We most definitely want NCCU students to be on the lookout for the exciting events that we have planned during homecoming season.”

N.C. Central University’s competitive dancing troupes, House Arrest II C3 Juke Squad and Royal Elite showcased their talent at the event. Association of Students for a Better Africa and Curve Appeal modeling troupe also performed.

Maria, who is a Raleigh native performed her single “Valid” and “Real One” from her latest album titled “Applying Pressure.”

“I really liked that we had a special guest performance by Jess Marie at this year’s Wild Out Wednesday event, similar to how the original (TV) show [Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out] has special guests,” junior Mya Atkinson said. “I think SAB should continue to have special guests at future Wild Out Wednesday events.”

NCCU’S 2019 Homecoming is Nov. 3 through Nov. 9. SAB will host the homecoming Step Show and Hip-Hop concert featuring American rappers, Tink, Lil Durk, and Megan Thee Stallion.

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