N.C. Central University hosts a free vaccine clinic for members of the NCCU community and the greater Durham area. Photo by Aaliyah Bowden/Campus Echo Staff Reporter

NCCU hosts free vaccine clinic for those eligible in the Durham area


Many members of the N.C. Central University community and the greater Durham area received a free COVID-19 vaccine March 9-18 at Leroy T. Walker Complex through the NCCU COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic.

Earlier this month, registration for the NCCU vaccine clinic opened for those eligible to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine residing in the city.

NCCU received a limited supply of vaccines, therefore registration was required and was on a first-come first-serve basis.

NCCU could not be reached to comment about the process on becoming a COVID-19 distribution site and how many people were vaccinated at the NCCU COVID-19 vaccination clinic during the two-week period.

Many people who received the vaccine on Thursday said that they came to receive the vaccine because they wanted to keep themselves and love ones safe and are ready for society to return back to a sense of normalcy.

NCCU alumni, Karen Belcher Carty, 51, said that she received the vaccine because it was “necessary for the safety of my family and to move forward beyond the pandemic.”

One woman said that she received the vaccine because she has noticed that the vaccines are “helping” to slow the spread of COVID-19

Betsy Price, 28, from Orange County had been looking around to receive the vaccine as soon as she found out it was available for her age group.

“I had been looking at lists way ahead of time to get registered,” Price said. “I just wanted to do what was safe for myself and especially my parents who are very at risk and everyone else I may have to be around in the community. So, I’m really excited to finally have at least dose one (of the vaccine).”

Price said that the vaccine was painless.

“(It was) totally painless,” she said. ” I actually think the flu shot hurt way more than this.”

Some people admitted that they were “anxious” to receive the vaccine walking into the clinic while others said they were ready to get it over with. After receiving the vaccine, most people had said that the vaccine was quick and didn’t hurt at all.

The clinic took place on the second floor of the L.T. Walker Complex.

After a person received their vaccine, they were instructed to go sit in a chair that had a timer on the back of the seat set for 15 minutes. Once the timer went off, a healthcare worker would come over to check on the person to ensure they were okay before leaving the clinic.

Each person received a sticker that read ‘

Refreshments such as granola bars and water were available for patients.

Some people who have chronic illnesses also came to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I have an autoimmune disease and I have young kids at home, so it’s just a smart move for my family,” NCCU associate professor in the department of public health education Cherise Harrington said. Harrington told Campus Echo Staff that she did not want the name of her health condition shared.

With social media spreading false information about the COVID-19 vaccine, many NCCU students have been leery about receiving the vaccine.

One NCCU student who received the vaccine earlier this week encouraged her peers to not rely on social media for accurate information about the vaccine.

“My advice would be to definitely do your research and make sure that this is something that you would want to do, and your reasons for wanting to do it,”  Senior criminal justice major Brenna Willams-Milne said.

“And also try not to listen to what people are saying on social media or anything because sometimes it’s not 100% true.”

Even though the COVID-19 vaccination clinic closed this past Wednesday because of a tornado warning in the area, the clinic was able to successfully re-open on Thursday for the last day.

The NCCU vaccine clinic will resume next week and will be offering the Johnson and Johnson Janssen COVID-19 vaccine. To sign up for a free COVID-19 vaccine, go to nccu.edu.



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