N.C. Central University reported a bomb threat on campus at 5:36p.m. Students have been asked to relocate to Latham parking lot and St. Joseph AME Church.

NCCU Eagle Alert: Bomb threat


Today at 5:36 p.m., a bomb threat was reported on N.C. Central University’s campus. Students were told to evacuate the premises immediately.

“A BOMB THREAT has been reported on campus. Please proceed immediately to the nearest exit and vacate the building. Leave campus. All employees should return home. Students who cannot return home should report to Hillside High School Parking Lot. THIS IS NOT A DRILL,” said an announcement from N.C. Eagle Alert.

At 5:45p.m., N.C. Central University Campus Police was dispatched to the first evacuation site, Hillside High School. Two officers were told not to comment until the “threat has been neutralized”.

Additionally, the Durham Fire Department and university faculty currently have no information about the threat.

At 5:52p.m., students were sent an updated alert to relocate to either St. Joseph AME Church or Latham parking lot until further notice.

There will be more information to follow in the hours ahead. Contact Durham Police to report any information pertaining to the bomb threat. (919)560-4427

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