Members of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority promote mental health awareness at the Sept, 7 10:40 break "take over."

10:40 break “take over,” takes over


To many N.C. Central University students 10:40 break offer a brief respite from classes and school work, it’s a time for togetherness, music, and laughter.

“10:40 breaks are my favorite times of the week. It is so lit!” said psychology sophomore Stephanie Clemons.

“I love watching the different organizations do their thing, the energy on campus during 10:40 break is magical.”

But in 2019 NCCU’s Student Activities Board decided that even more could be done with the beloved 55-minute break. So the SAB came up with the concept of the student organization “takeover.”

The idea is that student organizations have the chance to promote their organization and recruit new members.

SAB is responsible for student engagement and other campus activities.

“The SAB is the heart of the campus,” said SAB president Alexis Harpe.

The SAB is an entirely self-governed student organization with one faculty adviser, DeEssence Cox. Student intake into the SAB occurs each fall when students can apply for specific SAB committees by showcasing their credentials.

In addition to hosting 10:40 break, the SAB is in charge of activities like Welcome Back Week, Homecoming, and Pre-Dawn. Current

So far this academic year 10:40 breaks have been “taken over” by Student Government Association leaders who held a meet and greet for student government candidates.  The Gamma Gamma Zeta’s then held a “take over” to raise awareness of mental health issues facing students. On Tuesday, Sept. 21, Curve Appeal, a plus size student modelling organization performed. And on Thursday, Sept. 23, Colors, an LGBTQIA+ student organization will take over.

Registered campus organizations can apply for a 10:40 Takeover at the NCCU SAB profile on the Engage Portal for an application. Simply click on the 10:40 Takeover, apply, and wait to hear back.


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