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You may think it is weird that I aspire to be a journalist, yet I am often critical of how the media often operates.

Sometimes I despise reading some blogs and watching the news.

I don’t agree with all the content on gossips blogs, especially when bloggers are getting paid to insult someone’s character or aiming to break someone down.

For example, last month “The Hollywood Gossip” blog wrote a post on 18 celebrities who have committed felonies.

Of course, you can check someone’s criminal record online but you don’t necessary need to share it with world.

Rapper, 50 Cent, was one of the celebrities mentioned.

The blog, written by Liza Anne, reads — “50 Cent got into major trouble when he tried to sell drugs to an undercover police officer. That was one of two times he was charged with felony drug possession.”

Honestly, that style of reporting is not my cup of tea. 

I can’t live for judging and exposing the foibles of others.

Don’t get me wrong, sipping tea every now and then can be a thrill, intense and hilarious.

And spilling tea can be adventurous.

But I rather see people making a positive impact on other individuals even while they are dealing with their own challenges.

And I rather hear a story about someone who turned their situation around by focusing on the positivity of their challenge instead of dwelling on the negativity.

I believe the media conceals positivity from people to purposely suppress everyone. No one is always aware of good advantages happening in this cold world.

For example, on May 9, 2015, 23 black men graduated with their law degrees from N.C. Central University’s School of Law.

This did not make it into mainstream news.

The news is forever telling the stories of someone getting killed, robbed, or shot.

Overall there’s a minimum of positivity on the news.

I once heard a professor explain that news media would lose viewers if they only covered positive news stories.

And that’s true only because people are use to seeing ‘the bad’ and are now unbothered to see someone murdered.

People are more concerned about going to the mall to buy a fresh white shirt that reads — ‘Rest in Peace Jo-Jo” and writing Facebook statuses to share their current romantic relationships and favorite memories.

But why didn’t you show Jo-Jo’s potential for becoming a successful black man?

Now you have to cherish a shirt and not him because he’s gone and can’t reach his fullest potential.

You could’ve brought a T-shirt or write a status congratulating Jo-Jo for realizing he’s a man of leadership and intelligence and not what’s been depicted on TV and social media.

People only follow what they see and act on how they’re treated.

For an example, when those teenagers were televised starting riots in Baltimore they were only acting as they’ve been portrayed.

When someone is told “you aren’t shit,” you believe less of yourself, and that’s what you also produce.

It’s not the people controlling the media, the media is controlling us.

The media is used to discourage and portray individuals to be ruthless.

I will never be a fan of breaking people down.

And it doesn’t take the strongest man alive to uplift someone.




Although the imprisonment statistic for black men is increasing every day, Melquan Ganzy decided to take a different path. As a unique maturing man, he has learned to live for what makes him truly happy. Ganzy lives by the quote, “Individuality is the key to living for one’s truth.” Ganzy is a senior mass communication student, who’s also minoring in apparel design. Upon graduating on May 14, 2016, he hopes to attend The New School of Parson in New York City. His ultimate career goal is to become a prominent black fashion creative director and editor. Fashion is his happiness, and freedom of expression. Words from Melquan Ganzy: In my journey as a college student, I’ve grown to live with patience and remain true to one, knowing that everything happens for a reason. It depends on one whether he or she decides to dwell on challenges and to allow the situation to retain one from reaching their fullest potential in life. Staying true allows one to accept the things that possibly permanent. Unfortunately, everyone experience difficult challenges in life, but fortunately everyone has a story. My story could be a positive influence on the next person. In all, I will continue to be patient and true.

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