“Lysistrata” turns up the heat against toxic masculinity


After a snow-filled break with teachers sending emails full of “make-up” homework and icy sidewalks, theatre senior Keyanna Alexander’s production of Greek comedy “Lysistrata” was just the dose of hotness I needed to begin the week.

“Lysistrata” was stuffed with sexual innuendos and explicit — very explicit — content that had the audience shocked and rolling with laughter. In the play, the titular character got tired of Greek men only using their women for a good dose of lovin’ before going back to war. To combat this treatment at home, Lysistrata rallied the women in Greece to take a stand for peace and stop lying down for their husbands.

Overall, I really enjoyed the production and if I had the chance to see it again, I definitely would. This type of play is something I wish I would see more on campus.

Yes, it may be intended for a specific (and mature) audience, but I feel that the majority of performances put on by N.C. Central University’s theatre department tend to err on the serious side. Having a show every now and then that focuses on lighthearted comedy is a breath of fresh air.

When we enter the theater, we want to forget about what’s going on outside the room, enter the new world and be there as long as possible. After “Lysistrata” had me in ancient Athens yesterday afternoon, I did not want to leave.

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