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    Members of the House Arrest II . Photo by Heaven Gullate/Echo staff reporter.

Juking it up with House Arrest II


Last month, Chicago-style dance team House Arrest II celebrated their 15th anniversary as a platform for N.C. Central University students to express themselves through dance here on campus.

October 5, 2003 marked a 15-year-long stretch for the NCCU dance team. According to House Arrest II members, the squad celebrated by going over their history and having a celebratory party.

House Arrest II members are known for brightening up crowds with their fast footwork and their high energy.

“Together we made a family, as a family we became conquerors. Everyone needs a HOUSE to live, but a supportive family is what builds a HOME,” House Arrest II President Brittany Bowman said when asked what she loved most about leading the team.

Most times, the dance moves used by the Juke Squad are dances that originated in Chicago to fast paced music, creating the best framework for their fast moving.

“I am a general member of House Arrest II. I crossed in the spring of 2017 and am proud to be a part of the House Arrest II Chapter 3 Juke Squad,” Junior Mass Communication/Broadcasting student D’Nasia Marshburn said.

Marshburn said that House Arrest number one rule is to always be respectful.

“We are not just an ordinary dance team, we are a dance team that carries ourselves as family,” Marshburn said.

Junior Psychology major Tyriona Houston has not crossed yet but had some similar views about her House Arrest II experience.

“House Arrest II is big on footwork and big on being family-oriented. We truly do consider ourselves family,” Houston said. “In these last couple of months that I’ve became an aspiring member of House Arrest II, I have learned so many things about how to communicate with people just because I have no choice but to respect and love my team mates.”

Houston talked about how exciting it was to perform for the first time during Homecoming.

“We did our very first performance at the Homecoming Talent Show. I was so pumped, it felt like the performance went by fast,” Houston said.

Houston expressed that the preparation for the show got a little stressful when they had to make “major changes” the night before.

“That first show, and the stresses of it all, actually made me feel like I was a part of something bigger than me,” Houston said. “I can’t wait to dig deeper into my House Arrest II experience.”

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