SGA President talks about his detention at library event


On Wednesday, N.C. Central University Student Body President Michael Hopkins was taken into custody by university police while attending a library study session.

Hopkins had organized the study session and said he received clearance from university officials to hold the event in James E. Shepard Memorial Library but claimed that some library administrators tried to prevent it from happening. Other university officials, including Interim Chancellor Johnson O. Akinleye, supported his endeavors.

The study session, dubbed as a “study jam slumber party” or “library lock-in” on online flyers, was scheduled to take place from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m the following morning. Students were asked to bring their own snacks and blankets if desired.

The senior pharmaceutical sciences major was removed from the bottom floor of the library in handcuffs and taken to the university police station on Fayetteville Street. There, Hopkins says that he spoke not only with officers but also Student Affairs administrators and received a phone call from the interim chancellor himself.

Ultimately, no charges were filed against Hopkins.

University Relations emailed a statement by Interim Chancellor Akinleye at 1 a.m., one and a half hours after Hopkins was released.

“NCCU’s goal is student success, as well as ensuring that our institution maintains an atmosphere and environment that encourages scholarly activities so each student can remain focused on finishing the semester on a high note,” the statement read. “The university administration fully supports and encourages the NCCU student body in taking full advantage of the James E. Shepard Library during the 24-hour exam period.”

The statement also announced that the library, in conjunction with Information Technology Services (ITS) and Sodexo, would be providing coffee and snacks that night.

University police directed the Campus Echo back to University Relations and had no further comment.

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