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    Escape Room participates laugh as they wait in the Debriefing Room on reflect on their experience during the event. Photo by: Vanessa Hooker/Campus Echo Staff Photographer
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    One of the Escape Room groups work together to solve the mystery of finding Eddie the Eagle. Photo by: Vanessa Hooker/Campus Echo Staff Photographer

Escape Room Experience challenges students to find Eddie the Eagle


NCCU’s Career and Professional Development Center hosted the Escape Room Experience on Oct. 4 and 5, 2019 Where Eddie the Eagle as an experiential learning opportunity for students. 

According to Escape Room Architect and NCCU’s CPDC Career Development Coordinator Cierra Wilson, the selection of the theme was the easiest part. 

“We knew we had to pick something that would easily resonate with students,” Wilson said. “ Eddie the Eagle was perfect for that.” 

In preparation for the Escape Room, Eddie the Eagle was hypothetically kidnapped from the JC Penney Suit-Up event on Sept. 15. 

It was up to the students who participated in the Escape Room to find out who took Eddie the Eagle and where he was hidden. 

What set this event apart from other Career and Professional Development Center events was the marketing.

With the office’s student paraprofessionals, Career Eagle Officers (CEOs), leading the initiative, flyers, promo trailers, and social media content were created, driving the marketing strategy and aiding to the event’s success.

Slots for the rooms were fully booked within 48 hours. 98 students who participated in 100% said they would recommend the event to students. 

“It was very exciting, I feel like it brought us all closer together because we all wanted to achieve the same thing,” says NCCU Student Cly’Shawn Jones, who participated on October 5th with his friends. “Even though we might not always work collectively the whole time, at least we gave everyone a chance to participate.”

During the event, Jones’ group primarily knew each other apart from one person and they were able to figure things out fairly quickly. Unfortunately, they were unable to escape.

NCCU students T’nya Lee, Shatara Fulton, Kayla Powell, Ireana Gaddis, and Najah Tipado were the Escape Room winner. The grand prize of the event was a trip to the Bull City Escape Room. 

By: Campus Echo Staff Writer Vanessa Hooker