Behind the beat with Trae “Bone the Producer” McGee


N.C. Central University is bursting at the seams with talent, so you never know who might make it big one day. Sophomore Trae “Bone the Producer” McGee is already well on his way there.

McGee, who majors in business at NCCU, has been at it since he was a second-grader in Charlotte, N.C.

“I was at a sleepover and started messing around with a beat-making program,” he explained. “I’ve been serious about it since then.”

When McGee sold his first beat at 15 to his older brother, McGee first felt like he could really do something with his unconventional talent.

“It meant more to me that it was my brother buying my first beat,” he said, “I really look up to him and really felt like I did something good.”

Nowadays, McGee has some bigger buyers.

In the next few months, a track where rap trio Migos and Chris Brown rap over his beat will be released.

“When Migos rapped over one of my beats, that’s when I knew I can really enter this industry and be a hitmaker,” McGee said.

On top of making beats, McGee hopes to start a record label that focuses solely on North Carolina-based artists.

“There’s a lot of jealousy in the (North Carolina) music industry, so my label is going to be about helping these artists with whatever they need,” he explained.

To learn more about McGee and how he practices his craft, watch the video above by Echo co-editor Daniel K. Hargrove.

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