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    From left to right: Jalen Browne, Jessica Bethea and Gabrielle Skille. Drawing by Klarke Hopson/Echo staff cartoonist.

After the first month: three class of 2022 students reflect


We interviewed three female students—Jessica Bethea, Jalen Brown and Gabrielle Skille—from the class of 2022 about their first impressions of N.C. Central University since starting their first year of college last month.

All three of them met over the summer through band camp as members of the NCCU Sound Machine. The three girls applied to other schools such as North Carolina Agriculture and Technical University, Fayeteville State University, Elizabeth City State University, Pembroke College, Winston-Salem State University, Bennet College, and Spelman College. Gabrielle Skille mentioned that North Carolina Central University was her dream school, however, Jalen and Jessica disagreed. Jalen Brown did not want to attend due to her family legacy, however, her grandmother was the person that encouraged her to come on a tour. Jessica Bethea, in contrast, mentioned after taking a tour of NCCU and being completely astounded, she canceled the tour she had a day later to North Carolina Agriculture and Technical Universit.

Q: What was your first impression of your professors? Would you say the work in your classes has been easier or harder than you expected?

Jessica Bethea, Biology major – concentration in Pre-Med: “They talk entirely too much. [The work] is easier than expected. All you have to do is listen in class and do the homework.”


What is one thing that automatically stood out to you around campus?

Jalen Brown, Business Administration major – concentration in management:” [Other students] “Everybody was wild but friendly. I did have people approach me and introduce themselves to me.”


What was your first impression of living on campus?

Gabrielle Skille, Psychology major, minor in Criminal Justice: “Big Adjustment. I don’t like sharing”[referring to the community bathrooms]”I have to go late at night, whenever no one is in there so [that I have time for myself],”


How has being here on campus made you feel more independent? In what ways has attending NCCU made you feel homesick?

J. Bethea: “I have to catch the bus to go shopping for myself. I have to wash my own clothes.  “When I first got here, I was the only one in the suit. I came during band camp. It was so lonely, dark and cold. [referring to being homesick]


What were some of your thoughts after attending Pre Dawn? Are you more likely to attend another party on or off campus?

GS: It was wild! People were on another level. It was fun but it was wild. I never went to parties before I got here. “I’ll go to [another party] on campus.”


How has dining on campus compared to having home cooked meals? What particular foods would you like to see on campus?

J. Brown: “The food is not nearly the same. [a home cooked meal] is the first thing I want when I go home. I don’t even want fast food. [ I would like to see [Chipotle restaurant] on campus.

GS: “Compared to the food at my house to here, [I would prefer food from home]. The food has its moment when its good. The only time I go to the [cafeteria] is on Chicken Wednesdays.”

J. Bethea: “I have not been back to the [cafeteria] since band camp. I’m using my flex dollars more because the food is just not that good to be going [in the cafeteria to eat].” I would like to see fried okra [in the cafeteria] and  [have meat put inside of quesadillas along with] quesadilla sauce because I am tired of tasting bread and cheese.”


What advice would you give to an upcoming freshman at NCCU?

J.Bethea: “Do your work because you will get behind especially if you have extra-curricular activities. [Also] bring your walking shoes, snacks, and water.


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